Documentary Now!

Last week I was at a gathering of around 200 academics and practitioners (quite a few of whom these days span both worlds) for the annual Documentary Now! Conference at Birkbeck College, London.… Continue reading

An interview with MadV

It was great to get a comment from the elusive MadV after my recent post about his new video – “We’re All in This Together”. I asked if he’d do an interview and he… Continue reading

The Jean Rouch Project

On Wednesday I was lucky to be at a Paris screening of the seminal documentary – “Chronique d’un Ete” (“Chronicle of a Summer”) which was being shown, almost fifty years after it was… Continue reading

We’re All in This Together

Nov 5th saw the  release of the latest video from MadV – the anonymous producer of the original “collab” hit.  Back in 2006 he was already a star on YouTube –  popular for… Continue reading

350 – collaborative creativity as political action

Last Saturday my daughter Shauna, my friend Vron and I joined a few hundred other people in the park by the London Eye on the South Bank, to stand in the form of… Continue reading

Making Music – in B flat

Here’s another inspired musical collab piece. Producer Darren Solomon asked musicians on You Tube to offer him videos where they’re playing in Bb. He’s aggregated these onto one page along with some live action and… Continue reading

One & Other

Photos of “Plinthers” taking part in One & Other by Garry Knight (Flckr) “It is a spyhole on the nation’s secret mind, incidental fragments of humanity that weave together into a rich and… Continue reading

“Chips with Everything” – more on Digital Revolution

Rushes sequences from interviews with web luminaries Howard Rheingold and Tim Berners Lee are among those now available for viewing and download on the Digital Revolution website.  It’s the latest development in what the BBC… Continue reading

Aerial Storytelling

Early this year aviation consultant Jeral Poskey took advantage of Google Earth 5’s new ‘tour’ capability to produce a re-enactment of the brief flight and emergency landing in the Hudson River of US… Continue reading

Birds on the Wires

Jalbas Agnelli from Sao Paolo has made a lovely video –  a co-creation between man and birds…