UnionDocs Collaborative

Applications are now open for the UnionDocs Collaborative programme – a unique documentary study scheme at the wonderful UnionDocs in Brooklyn, NYC. I’ve curated a couple of events there and held workshops for… Continue reading


This week saw the launch of , “the world’s first Wikipedia Town” – Monmouth, Wales.  Wikipedia says the project will,“…cover a whole town, creating articles on interesting and notable places, people, artifacts, flora,… Continue reading

On Crowdfunding

In his seminal 2001 book, The Language of New Media, Lev Manovich proposed that,”new media transforms all culture and cultural theory into an “open source”. This opening up of cultural techniques, conventions, forms and… Continue reading

Interactive Media – New Tools – March Labs

There are a couple of opportunities in England this month for some hands-on experimentation and learning with new tools for interactive and ‘”connected” documentary. Following the i_Docs Symposium here in Bristol there will… Continue reading

Girl Walk // All Day

On tour in the US and on the bill at the upcoming SXSW Film Festival, Girl Walk//All Day is a feature length music video which has evolved from an initial idea in Autumn 2010… Continue reading

Documentaries you won’t be seeing soon

I thought you’d enjoy this documentary blurb generator. The title is a play on the True/False Film Festival –  a Columbia, Missouri event now in its ninth year that looks great, focusing on, “innovative work with… Continue reading

i-Docs 2012

Tickets are now available for i-Docs 2012. Following 2011’s successful inaugural event i-Docs 2012 has been expanded to two full days and will take place here at Bristol’s Watershed Media Centre on March… Continue reading

Bear 71

Just launched at Sundance, Bear 71 is a brilliant interactive documentary created by Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison with the NFB Digital Studio. It’s a haunting story told from the point-of-view of a… Continue reading

An Interview with Jigar Mehta

“For the first time in history, citizens are recording an actual revolution in real time. Throughout the 18 days of the 2011 uprising—in the year since—and now—Egyptians are filming pivotal events on their… Continue reading

99% (The Occupy Wall Street Film)

There are now 75 filmmakers involved in the US 99% (The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film). According to the Kickstarter fundraising site, “It started with a few filmmakers in NY, but within a couple… Continue reading