A patchy filmography of my film and video work as producer/director and sound recordist, as documented by the BFI, can be found here. This page – in development – offers some highlights :

Producer/Director – Meeting the Masai Mob 50′ BBC 2 2000

The film follows the journey of a group of Australian Aborigines who travel to East Africa to share stories over land rights with Masai people. BBC News story here.    

Series Producer / Director – Pictures in the Post – BBC 2 March 2000

The twentieth century as revealed through postcards and their messages – from the collection of the artist Tom Phillips

Series Co-Producer; Video Nation            BBC2            1993-2001

Co-founded and oversaw this innovative BBC 2 project for which a cross-section of the public recorded aspects of everyday life. Their recordings were edited with their approval into a variety of broadcast output including:

Colonel Hensher – Mirror

The first Video Nation Short broadcast on BBC 2 in March 1994.

Jean Lee had a Video Nation camera for nearly five years. This is one of her many TV appearances during that time – 39 Weeks

Between 1994 and 2000 we produced 1,300 Shorts from the UK and – for BBC seasons – from Africa, the Balkans, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean


The Late Show  BBC2                                                 1991 – 1993
Programmes, items and interviews covered subjects including: Pop Art, Cinema Verite, Chuck Jones and Michael Mann. 

Producer/ Director
The Media Show                                                 1989 – 1991
Programmes and subjects included: Bart Simpson as black American icon, Benetton’s United Colours campaign and Dances with Wolves through the eyes of American Indian Media.   
Wall to Wall for Channel Four

Freelance Work in Film and TV                         1982 – 1991

Director                                                             1989
Hilda at Darjeeling

Researched and devised with Vron Ware 
British women consider their place in India under the Raj
Koninck Productions for Channel Four  

Sound Recordist                                                 1982 -1989
– On documentaries and feature films – on locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America.
– Worked across independent film and mainstream TV, with directors including Peter Wollen, Michael Eaton, Lutz Becker. 

Cinema Programmer / Administrator                                  1982
Four Corners Film Workshop

 Trainee Studio Sound Technician                        1981 -1982 
London Weekend Television