Hollow : Lessons Learned

Yesterday, Elaine McMillion and the team behind Hollow held a Google hangout to address some of the many questions that they are getting from interested producers about their tremendous project. I interviewed McMillion and posted about the project when it launched last July.  In this hour long session, facilitated by Opeyemi Olukemi from Tribeca Film Institute, Elaine – Producer / Director is joined by Billy Wirasnik – Sound Designer, Robert Hall – Technical Director/Senior Developer and Jeff Soyk – Art Director/Designer and Architect. They answer questions from Opeyemi and from the audience around funding, design methodology, participation and much more. There’s lots of valuable detail, insight and learnings from the team.

Elaine will be in the UK for the i-Docs symposium in March. A full programme will be online soon. In the meantime a limited number of early bird tickets are available here.