Girl Walk // All Day

On tour in the US and on the bill at the upcoming SXSW Film FestivalGirl Walk//All Day is a feature length music video which has evolved from an initial idea in Autumn 2010 through a Kickstarter campaign a year ago to its current release through a crowd-sourced distribution structure. As producer Jacob Krupnik explains on the project blog, the idea behind the piece was, ” to expand the boundaries around the idea of the traditional music video, which usually spans the length of a single track.” Looked at another way it’s a documentary of a live dance performance that plays out across the streets of Manhattan, and an observation of people’s responses to the improvisations of the piece’s star, the terrific young dancer Anne Marsen. The piece was made available for free online in short, serialized segments. It is now touring as a full-length film with a live interactive experience.  Music is mashup artist Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk‘s album All Day.

Paul Tough describes the early evolution of the piece in the New York Times.