99% (The Occupy Wall Street Film)

There are now 75 filmmakers involved in the US 99% (The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film). According to the Kickstarter fundraising site, “It started with a few filmmakers in NY, but within a couple weeks people were joining in Denver, Portland, LA, Boston, Seattle, Philly, DC, Kansas City, Miami, Pittsburgh, Austin, Dallas, Rhode Island, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, in short: it took off all over the country.  Skilled editors got onboard, PR people, producers, post production supervisors, a supervising editor signed on, post production services were donated by Metropolis Post, Duotone contributed library music, and everyone started pitching in what they could. As more and more people joined the project, people started helping each other with their shoots, with equipment and contacts.  This film had taken off; the experimental process was working!”

The filmmakers are hoping to raise $17,500, “It’s the amount we need to buy the hard-drive storage and editing space that will allow us to begin the massive process of sorting and editing. This will get us to the point that we can, at the very least, put together a promo reel to bring in additional funding.”

I plan to interview Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites, the filmmakers who started the project, in the New Year to find out more about how they are handling the editorial and logistical challenges of the project. Meanwhile, the fundraising campaign ends January 13th. To help reach the all-or-nothing target, Ewell and Aites are hosting an online screening of work-in-progress on January 8th. You can buy a ticket for $3.99 at the Constellation Online Movie Theater. Watch the trailer and find our more at Kickstarter and on the 99% site.

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