The Connected Documentary

I’m looking forward to the Mozilla Festival this weekend and to Saturday’s learning lab –  The Connected Documentary II. The Lab builds on the Connected Documentary session that happened at September’s Open Video Conference in New York. There, participants were invited to to re-think four case study documentaries with new, web-native features. At Connected Documentary II the same approach will be taken to the documentaries that received the first-ever TFI New Media Fund award: 18 Days in Egypt, Afghan LivesDadaab Stories, and The Tillman Story Interactive Edition. It should be a fascinating day.

Following a premiere at the Festival on Saturday night, on the Monday after the Festival Kat Cizek’s latest Highrise spin-off One Millionth Tower will be launched at the Frontline Club in Paddington.  (Book tickets here ) The project reflects what emerged when Toronto highrise residents worked with architects to re-imagine their run-down buildings as places that would foster life and community.

Monday sponsors are Power to the Pixel. As they describe it; “Using cutting-edge, open-source technology, this interactive documentary breaks boundaries, uniquely enabling a 3D storytelling environment within a web browser and incorporating the magic of cinema, architecture and animation. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience Emmy-winner Katerina Cizek’s innovative approach to the documentary genre and learn about the creative possibilities of HTML5. The screening will be followed by a Q & A with Cizek and Brett Gaylor of Mozilla Foundation‘s Popcorn Project.”

Do get along if you can. And read Cizek’s account of the genesis of the project in an interview with CollabDocs here.