i-Docs 2012

Following the success of i-Docs 2011, dates have now been set for i-Docs 2012. The Symposium is again taking place in Bristol, UK, hosted by the Digital Cultures Research Centre (where I’m based.) It’s a full two days this time – on the 22nd and 23rd of March.

A brilliant line-up of keynote speakers are already in place. Katerina Cizek (Highrise), Brett Gaylor ( popcorn.js, rip! A Remix Manifesto), and Jigar Mehta (18 days in Egypt) – reflect some of the most exciting interactive documentary work and developments going on right now.

As regular readers of this Blog will know (Posts – Jan’11, Nov’10 , Sept ’10), Brett Gaylor leads Mozilla’s Web Made Movies team where they have been pushing the development of “Semantic Documentary” by building open source authoring tools for their popcorn.js library that facilitate the integration of video and web content within HTML5. The latest version – the Popcorn Maker – should be unveiled at next month’s Mozilla Festival in London. Cizek and Mehta are both doing ground-breaking work with popcorn.js. (Find out more about Cizek’s The Millionth Tower and see the trailer here. Check out the 18Days popcorn prototype here.) So, among other things, i-Docs 2012 will be a great opportunity to get to grips with this game-changing phenomenon for documentary. (For more about what “Semantic Documentary” is all about take a look at this report in Wired about a popcorn.js workshop that took place last month in San Francisco.)

The Call for Participation at i-Docs is now live. You’ll find it here. Convenors Sandra Gaudenzi and Judith Aston are seeking “papers, presentations, workshops, panels or ANY alternative forms of debate!”  As Sandra puts it on her Interactive Documentary blog,  “i-Docs is rapidly establishing itself as a unique community event, where i-doc producers, broadcasters, academic, artists and researchers can meet and exchange ideas that will influence the future of i-docs. Don’t miss out!”

Meanwhile, do take a longer look at the recently launched i-Docs site, which alongside Sandra’s own Interactive Documentary blog looks like becoming a key resource in this fast-developing field. I’m honoured to be among a formidable group of contributing editors who have expertise in pervasive media, gaming, digital storytelling, and more.

We’re looking for guest contributors to the i-Docs site. If you’d like to submit a post on the theme of collaboration/participation do please get in touch with Maria Yanez or me, or check out the other themes and editors here.