99 Percent: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film

How to reflect Occupy Wall Street and the actions it’s inspiring across the US?  99 Percent: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film is the response of a group of  US documentary film directors, producers, editors, and cinematographers who are contributing time, skills and gear to document the events taking place in NYC and across America.

Ray Pride from Movie City News talked to some of them,“Audrey Ewell, a New York filmmaker and one of the founders of the project, says: “It felt like a media blackout.  I was glued to the Globalrevolution Livestream on the day the NYC police arrested hundreds of protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge, as others yelled ‘We’re not the criminals.’  And then the feed went out because whoever was filming ran out of batteries. And it wasn’t being shown on the news. We felt a need to gather footage like this from all over the country and craft a document of the big picture.”

Brooklyn-based filmmaker Michael Galinsky says:  “As a filmmaker and photographer I understand both the power of media and documentation.  I knew right away that something significant was taking place and I wanted to be a part of it.  I wanted to use the power of documentary to give the voiceless a voice.”

This isn’t the first time people with media skills have got together to create independent coverage of the kinds of resistance that get scant or negative attention from mainstream media. The UK Miners Strike Campaign tapes were organised in this way back in 1984/5, for instance. The Web doesn’t make these collaborations happen, but digital connectivity can help. The “99%” team want to be responsive, getting a film out quickly to show what is happening, as it is happening. They’re asking others to join them, and are using Kickstarter to gather production funding. You can keep posted via Facebook and Twitter.