Ain’t No Grave

I just came across a short documentary recently posted on You Tube by Chris Milk, director of the luminous Johnny Cash Project. It’s based on interviews with some of the fan / artists who have taken part in his virtuoso crowd-sourced work. The interviews underline the powerful feeling about Johnny Cash that the project draws on, and help explain just how good so much of the art work is, in that people show themselves as more than willing to invest time and effort in homage to an artist who had given them so much. The project is a very contemporary act of devotion, a collective memorial.

I recall a decade or so ago, people would say; “The internet – it’s all very interesting, but you don’t get stories there, or emotion. I mean, when was the last time you cried at your computer?” Well, that would be this morning, watching this video… It’s very moving – about loss, yes, but also about human creativity, and what we’ll give for culture that feels authentic.