The Creative Internet

Google Labs have just released a round up of 106 noteworthy online projects – The Creative Internet. It’s a treasure trove and a great resource – looking across genres and themes – Audio, Movies, Visual, Data, News etc.

It features a number of collaborative projects I’ve written about here before – In Bb, Thru You, The Johnny Cash Project, The Wilderness Downtown – some that I’ve meant to write about but haven’t got around to like the Michael Jackson tribute; The Eternal Moonwalk. It also showcases a number of projects that are new to me. There are too many to mention but do check out the presentation.

In particular, it was exciting to be introduced to Perry Bard’s impressive global remake of Dziga Vertov‘s classic documentary Man with a Movie Camera, a project which is right up my street, and which is understandably nominated for the You Tube Play Awards. I’ll return to this, and to the Remake phenomenon,  soon.