Making Music – in B flat

Here’s another inspired musical collab piece. Producer Darren Solomon asked musicians on You Tube to offer him videos where they’re playing in Bb. He’s aggregated these onto one page along with some live action and spoken word recordings. He’s made selections so that the videos gel when played simultaneously in any order or combination. As he explains in his informative FAQ the idea came when he noticed that You Tube lets you play multiple videos at the same time.  It’s very cool that he’s effectively turned the You Tube audio controls into a mixing desk. (Though Solomon is a fan of  ThruYou he was already working on this when Kutiman’celebrated mix piece came out.)

Solomon offers various versions of the piece and encourages others to play with his work too. Don’t miss the You Cube version – a mashup of You Tube content with an interactive 3D cube by (the overly modest) Aaron Meyers. It’s elegant, fun, and free.